04 October 2007

Vodafone Eyes First Mideast Deal

This article is about Vodafone's trial for penetration into Qatar wireless market. Vodafone, a british giant in telecommunication, is one of the most aggresive company that has advanced foreign wireless markets. Starting from U.S, Australlia, Republic of South Africa, and recently India, they are keeping their business area expanding. Because of the difficulty to construct the infrastructure overseas, Vodafone mainly use two ways of entering foreign market. One is a joint venture with domestic provider such as Verizon Wireless and Vodacom, and the other is a takeover of domestic provider such as Hutch India. However, it is extremely impossible to run a joint venture without making any noise, (even in entering Qatar, Verizon and Vodafone are competing) also getting much harder and harder to complete a takeover deal due to FCC's consolidated restrictions (look at this). In that, Qatari market is really attractive for Vodafone. In Qatar, Vodafone doesn't need to make tricky relationships, and can get the dominace in domestic market and the bridgehead toward Mideast.

Who is going to win this battle and procure the priority? Can Vodafone enlarge their business opportunities so far as Mid-east? What is going to happen in Mideast wireless market?

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