03 October 2007

Matters in DVD war and the China

It will take more time to see who will come out the winner. From the data so far, Blu-ray seems to be winning for outsold titles and their supporters. If someone asked me about the winner of DVD wars in this moment, I would say Blu-ray which has more spec, security and supporters matters.

See this chart I made for "matters in DVD battles" blow.

However, the most important thing to watch out is the China’s movement. China is probably going to develop better DVD format with lower price and more spec. Even though they don't have any supporters right now, I believe many things will be changed with China's new format. Let us take a careful look for another DVD war.

Those technologies are young and immature, and have room to improve so we have got to watch and wait for their competition with market dynamics. For the argument of Blu-ray and HD-DVD debate, see this blog. I'll keep spy on the China's wind.


Martin Weiss said...

I don't believe that China's format will make much of a difference (at least in the US) because I don't believe that any of the major studios will publish content in that format.

On another note, while the table is interesting, I think the more useful one is the price of players. It is here that HD-DVD has its biggest advantage. The player is a significant adoption barrier, because it requires an up-front investment. As the table rightly points out, the difference in media costs will probably not be a significant factor in the price of content.

Yongsung Jung said...

Thank you for your comments. Pro. Martin.

I think China is not only for a world factory but also for a huge market right now. For the market raising in China, a lot of major studios will possibly follow China's new format pretty soon. I believe once China finishes their new format they're going to contact them under the table as well. Let us keep watching it.

I thought about the players at the beginning, however many companies i.g.)SAMSUNG, LG,... are producing a multi-player which is OK for both format. So I eliminated.

Well, Nobody's sure about this. The only way is just looking on this possible changes. I'll keep spying on that. Thnak you