10 October 2007

SNU-PIT, Collaboration Research Proposal

1. Research Topic ; Regulation Policy of Limited Internet Users' ID Verification
2. Brief Introduction on this topic
Recently, the Korean government implemented Limited Internet Users' ID Verification, which was designed to regulate very obscene or impolite Negatizens' activities such as preplanned or improvised attact to certain users by spreading or adding unconfimed rumors on the web. Therefore, if he who wants to add his comments or opinions on the web his registered virtual ID and his real ID(legal name and registration number) should match. Several months have passed since implementation. As to this issue, some people insist that the proportion of negative activities has decreased . On the other hand, it is also true that it tends to curb the freedom of speech on the web. From my side, I can provide some of public attitude and statistical change of internet users surrounding this policy. From your side, of course, you can find out the similar or the relevant pre-existing policy and its impact. And, finally, we can recommend some implication on this issue.
3. Student's Profile
(1) Name : Seongbong LEE
(2) Educational background
- BA, Business Administration, SNU
- MA, Science Policy, Sussex University, U.K.
- Currently, PhD Candidate, SNU


Jean Bagirishya said...

The anonymity provided by the Internet is being abused by many people with sinful intentions. I think the government of Korean started something that I, for long, hoped to happen and it is necessary and very important.
I am willing to investigate the feasibility of the implementation, impact and support of this initiative. It certainly isn't trivial but its importance is worth the effort. Without it, everyone will be able to get obscene and get away with it. With Internet becoming part of our lives we better aim to protect its integrity. I am convinced that together we can figure out where things stand as of now and what needs to be done.

seongbong_lee said...

To Jean
Thank you for your kind comment.
By the way, could you let me know your e-mail account? You can just send an e-mail that I can reply to. My e-mail account is slee.snu@gmail.com.
We can figure out research scope in more detail together.