09 October 2007

[SNU_PITT Collaboration Proposal] Telecommunication-Broadcasting Convergence Policies Comparison

Research Topic
Telecommunication-broadcasting convergence policies among some countries

It is about to begin Telecom-Broadcasting convergence. In order to go with this flow of times, policies and governmental offices with a new paradigm are needed. Hence I would like to compare the main issue of policies in telecommunication-broadcasting convergence, and how the governmental offices are organized. Furthermore, we can find out which case can be the role model of Korea, and what kind of problems should be improved.

Name: Ji-hoon Hong
Nationality: Korea
Research interests: telecommunication policy
Master candidate in Technology management, economics and policy program at Seoul National University
Bachelor Degree in Industrial Engineering at KAIST


Yining said...

Hi Ji-hoon, my name is Yining. I am a MST student of Pitt. I am interested in your topic and I would like to work on that with you. Could you leave your email address so that I can contact you?

Ji-hoon Hong said...

Oh! Hi~ Yining. Nice to meet you~ I'm very pleased to have an interest in my topic. I'll leave my email address (kmumbi@temep.snu.ac.kr) or if you use MSN messenger, add me on your list (gaeddakji@hotmail.com)

Ji-hoon Hong said...

Yining, I'm sorry I think my email server does not work well, so I want you to contact me ASAP by this email (hong.jihoon@gmail.com)