24 February 2009

A couple of telecom-related URLs

I need to break the "radio silence" ... I've been pretty busy with administrative projects and travel, so blogging has taken a back seat.

I have been working on dynamic spectrum access (DSA) for a number of years now. A paper on one of my projects, together with Arnon Tonmukayakul, is coming out in Netnomics shortly. In addition, I presented a paper on DSA and the FCC White Spaces decision at the recent iConference. Hopefully, the papers will be made available soon.

So, given this, I found this site to be of interest. You can use it to find the TV white spaces at a particular address.

If you go back through this blog, you'll find that I have been interested in (OK, critical of) comparative studies of broadband penetration. So, I found this site interesting, which looks at broadband from the point of view of connectivity rather than penetration. From this perspective, rankings (for what they're worth) look quite different.