09 October 2007

[SNU_PITT Collaboration Proposal] Wireline and Wireless Convergence

Research Topic
With the IMS (IP multimedia subsystem) network architecture, a new approach to enabling convergence is emerging that lets wireless and wireline carriers use a common IP foundation to deliver multimedia and traditional services. So, I'd like to analyze market developments and policies of wire & wireless integration. It can be included to make comparitive studies of technologies and services (Service Bundling or Service Integration, etc) between Korea and USA.

Name: SangChoon, Lee
Nationality: Korea
Research interests: Network Evolution and Convergence
Education : Ph.D candidate in TEMEP program at Seoul National University. MS and BS in Infomation and Telecommunication Engineering at ChonBuk National University, Korea.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, SangChoon,

I am a student of Telcom in Pitt, my name is Chao Fang. I am very interested in your proposal. Could you please email me some more detail infomation about your proposal, my email is chf10@pitt.edu. Thanks a lot. Have a nice day.

Chao Fang