10 October 2007

[SNU_PITT Collaboration Proposal] Wireless Broadband Policy

The future of the Internet is broadband, and the future of broadband will involve a large component of wireless services. With the growth of the Internet and the emergence of broadband, the world of wireless services is being transformed with important implications for the entire communications services value chain. Mobile service providers are deploying broadband wireless data services via so-called Third Generation “3G” networks. At the same time, the proliferation of wireless local area network (WLAN) technologies like IEEE 802.11b (better known as Wi-Fi) are supporting wireless data services in homes and businesses, and are providing new types of “hot spot” public infrastructure.

In this project, I’d like to search for some of the key architectural and design choices for wireless networking systems and their implications for cost and system performance (we could do U.S. and South Korea comparisons). In addition, we could provide examples of how the new wireless technologies are being deployed by municipalities in a variety of contexts, with reference to wireless technologies currently available from vendors. Finally, we could discuss about the policy implications of these trends and possibly provide possible policy suggestions (we could also do the U.S. and South Korea case comparison).

This is just my proposal for our project so, we need to further discuss about it. If anyone interested in this area, feel free to contact me and let’s discuss about our project. I look forward to meeting you!!

About Me
Name: Eung-Do Kim (Ryan)
B.A. in Information Technology, York University, Canada
Master Candidate in Technology Management, Economics, and Policy program, Seoul National University, Korea
Nationality: Korean


Yun Du said...

hi, i am interested in your topic, and my name is Yun Du, you can call me Johnny.

my msn is jacques_duyun@hotmail.com, so i am waiting for your contact.

i think it is significant in the near future.

Eung Do Kim said...

Hi, Johnny.
I'm sending you e-mail.
Please check you e-mail.


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