09 October 2007

[SNU_PITT Collaboration Proposal] Spectrum management

Research Topic : The global trends of spectrum management
I selected spectrum management for the topic of term project. There are a lot of ways to distribute spectrum to users(by government regulation, spectrum auction, secondary market, and so on). So I am planning to make the case studies of spectrum management in some countries(i.e. Korea, America, UK, Japan ...) and compare each other.
The purpose of this project is to seek a effective way maximizing utilization of limited spectrum resources by analyzing diverse cases of spectrum management.
If you are interested in this topic, please leave a comment below.

Name: YungHwan Soh
Nationality: Korea
Research interests: Spectrum management, telecommunication industry policy
Bachelor in Electrical engineering at Korea University
Master candidate in Technology management, economics and policy program at Seoul National University


jesus said...
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summitraj said...

Fixed allocation of spectrum is a major impediment for the convergence of different wireless technologies. In a future of all-IP networks, the same service can be delivered over multiple radio technologies. I believe spectrum allocation should be dynamic for better service delivery. However, National policies and regulations move very slow compared to the technologies.

Thus, your project idea of exploring ways to distribute spectrum sounds interesting to me. I am an MST student here at Pitt.

yung-hwan Soh said...

Thank you for having interest on my topic.
You can contact me anytime by E-mail or MSN messanger

E-mail address: syhmanse@hanmail.net

MSN messanger: thdudghks@hotmail.com