07 October 2007

[SNU Collobaration Proposal] Spectrum Policies Comparison

I would like to propose a semester project about spectrum policies in different countries. I am looking for Korean and American students, so we can compare policies of three countries. Together we can learn and discuss how spectrum is distributed and used in our countries, what kind of legislation is used and how governmental institutions execute it. I am open for discussion and redirecting of this project goals.
About me
Name: Stanislav A. Belogolov
Education: Seoul National University, Electrical Engineering (will be graduated in Aug.)
Moscow State University, Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics (B.C.)
Nationality: Russian
Character: Tend to criticize and argue ;)


jesus said...

Hello, my name is Jesus Gonzalez, I'm a PhD student at the University of Pittsburgh, USA. I'm interested in working on the topic you proposed, could you post your e-mail address or something to contact you??

best regards

Stanislav said...

Sure. You can contact me via e-mail: shisoik [ a-t ] gmail [ d-o-t ] com