09 October 2007

Good News for Computer Science Grads

This article, from Chronicle.com is a positive indicator for IS & T. Hopefully this will translate into improved enrollments. Quoting the article:
Starting salaries for college graduates with computer science degrees are up, hitting their highest levels in seven years, according to a recent survey. But midcareer workers at big employers may face layoffs and “restructuring.” These two trends are somewhat connected, unfortunately.

The National Association of Colleges and Employers reported last month that the average salary offer to a computer science graduate was $53,051 in 2007, up 4.5 percent from last year. Students graduating with management information systems degrees received average starting salaries of $49,966, up 5.9 percent from last year.

Employers face a shrinking labor pool, since the number of computer science graduates has dropped significantly since the turn of this century. Laws of supply and demand apply, so companies compete harder and pay more for a smaller supply of qualified graduates.

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jesus said...

Until some years ago, thinking of a career in the computers business (either software or hardware) sounded like a promising idea, but it seems that everybody had the same idea, and too many people started to flow to the same business until the point where it was not a good business anymore and many people flew away from it. Now that almost all people have some understanding about computer sciences and the easiest things are already done and the field is becoming an abstract science, people don't think is funny anymore. I think that the lack of good paid jobs and that the computer sciences are not fun anymore are causing people to focus on other things such as business management.
This article certainly represents a good motivation for us who are dealing with the field these days.