09 October 2007

[SNU_PITT Collaboration Proposal] FTTH Policies Comparison

Research topic: comparison of FTTH policy between Korea and US
Objective: Through this project we can observe the FTTH policies and situations of two leading countries in the telecommunication industry. Furthermore, additional comparison of general broadband policy can be done.

Name: Hongbum Kim
Nationality: Korea
Research interests: technology innovation, telecommunication industry policy
Bachelor in computer science at Sogang University
Worked as a mobile application developer
Master candidate in Technology management, economics and policy program at Seoul National University


Sira said...

Hi Hongbum Kim, my name is Sira Akavipat, a master student at Telecom, PITT. I am very interested in the topic of FTTH since there is a new FTTH service offered here and I am really into it. Could you please leave your contact?

Hongbum Kim said...

Thanks for your interest :)
you can mail me sirkim@snu.ac.kr
or if you use MSN, please add me sirkim74@hotmail.com