04 October 2007

AOL's Mobile Ambitions

AOL, one of the most powerful internet service providers, is planning to make its software available on cell phones worldwide. (see this) And also, it is working on a software module-a unified application that would integrate AOL's multitude offering into one master portal.
U.S. traffic to AOL's mobile Web site is higher than that to Google Mobie's and double that of MSN Mobile's. Moreover, it is equipped with various IT service contents such as AOL Mail, AOL Instant Messenger, Moviefone theater listings, MapQuest navigation software, City Guide local search, and so on. So, its current movements may impact on mobile industry greatly.

It's interesting issue that AOL is strengthening its mobile internet business. How will the situation of mobile industry change due to the AOL's new strategy? Is AOL's choice good or bad? We need to discuss it.


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