10 October 2007

[SNU_PITT Collaboration Proposal]

Research Topic:
Future Contents on Mobile Telecommunication Technology
- case studies of Korea and US

Telecommunication technology evolutions move on faster, starting from 1G, 2G, and currently 3G or 3.5G (simply we just call it 3G). Right now, people already prepare for the 4G, which will guide us to the Next Generation Networks. For example, digital home remote control (from home automation), artificial intelligent system, Haptic technology, etc. Those things will change the way of our future.

Importance of this research:
This study will give vision to the Next Generation Contents, so that telco’s companies and contents or services providers can prepare it along with technology on data communication movement. Also this study will be useful for government officer, to prepare and anticipate what kind of policies to avoid confusion in the telco’s industries in the future.

Methodology: Literature Study of comparison between Korea and US.

Name: Yongsung Jung
Nationality: Korea
Research interests: Future convergence
ㅇ Bachelor in International relations at Naval Academy
ㅇ Master candidate in Technology management, economics and policy
program at Seoul National University


Luai Hasnawi said...

I think the topic is really interesting but give me some days to discuss it with my Professor and i will get back to please keep on touch at demultiplexed@gmail.com.
Thank you

Luai Hasnawi said...


I am waiting for a respond from you. Could you send me an email or add me in the messenger so we could talk together.

Yongsung Jung said...

Hey, Luai

I'm very sorry to keep you waiting.
I added you in my MSN messenger.