19 September 2006

WiMAX in India

I had posted earlier about 3G in India. Continuing on this theme, I came across this item, which details India's WiMAX plans. As I posted earlier, Sprint sees WiMAX as a 4G technology ...

Would you imagine WiMAX as a viable technology in India? Are these frequency bands the same as the bands being used by other countries? If they are different, what kinds of issues arise? Does it seem as though the Indian Department of Telecommunications is positioning WiMAX in the same fashion as Sprint-Nextel is?

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1 comment:

Pat said...

I think the technology itself could be viable in India. Given its large market and people with high technical skills, they should not find it too hard to deploy the services.

Some issues such as frequency interoperability should not cause too much problem. As we know that different country has different frequency allocation. For example, in the US the biggest available band is 2.5 GHz which is different from India or parts of Asia.

Given different available frequency bands between 2.5GHz in the US and 3.5GHz in some parts of the world, something will have to be invented to interoperate between these 2 different frequencies. I think it is highly possible.