14 September 2006

3G in India

I found this item on Om Malik's blog interesting. It has long been suggested that developing countries might have some advantages by skipping generations of technology. This same thing was suggested in the 1980s and 1990s around digital switching, and it this isn't the first time that it has been brought up in connection with wireless systems.

Do you think this viewpoint has merit? Is the social or user "infrastructure" able to exploit these more advanced technologies? What about handset costs and how that affects penetration?

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1 comment:

Pat said...

If the question is can India skip slower-bandwidth technologies? I think the answer is yes. But if the question is India jumping ahead of developed countries? The answer is may not be, I think. Whether 3G in India will be successful should also depend on other developments like handsets.

India may become among the first in this technology but will not go too far from the rest of the world. I also think that its people are adaptive enough to accept and exploit this new technology in a short time.