15 September 2006

Interconnection in NGNs

Interconnection is an important (and sometimes difficult) topic in communications networks. This article, via the ITU Newsblog, points out that an interconnection regime for the so-called "Next Generation Networks" (or NGNs) is absent.

What do they mean by NGNs, anyway? Can existing interconnection regimes be adopted (or adapted) for these networks? Why or why not?

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1 comment:

Pat said...

Some researchers have foresighted that the Next Generation Networks (NGNs) will solely be based on All Optical Network (AON). That is to say, all packets will be transmitted through optical technology, end-to-end including switches. All platforms including “overlay” TDM, ATM, and IP services will run on top of this underlying NGN.

Concerned with interconnectivity, I think the problem will occur at overlay services level. But given at 5-10 years timeframe, the issue should more arise from commercial aspect than technical one. It may not be as simple as adapting or adopting the existing interconnection regime to the NGN. Ones should expect a big change in this model, I personally believe so.