12 September 2006

Broadband TV

AT&T and Verizon have promised triple- or quadruple-play services on the FTTH networks that they are building. This appears to be the first incarnation of that for AT&T. While this article is short on technical details, it does allow users to select programming in an apparently on-demand format.

Would this replace or supplement your TV viewing? How is this different from TV cards that you can purchase for less than US$100 and plug into your existing cable system? Do you think this is a "who cares" service?

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Pat said...

This service is very attractive in a way that it offers “live” cable channels through broadband connection which most of us have access to. In addition, the price is very attractive too, compared to regular cable TV subscription.

I view this similar to VoIP business model where it is expected to replace ordinary telephone line. It is still not gone to that point yet. I am not sure how long this new offered service will take to make a big bump on the cable. I am also doubt if DSL is able to support this kind of huge-bandwidth application. Ones might want to wait until high-speed connection goes cheaper until it reaches the point of switching to broadband cable TV is more cost effective than sticking with subscribed cable TV.

oat said...

The strength of this new service is just the price, only $20 for entertainment TV subscription. However, so far I could not say that it’s a competitive alternative.

The important issue is the content that AT&T will lunched over the line. If they can provide many entertainment channels like HBO MTV and so on as the cable TV are doing at only $20. That might be the case.

The difficulty that they have to face is the quality of service for video streaming. It will be the weakness compared to the existing cable TV. Well, gotta wait and see.

oat said...
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