03 November 2005

Mobile technology and law enforcement

One of the factors associated with advancements in telecommunications technology has been its impact on law enforcement. In the US, the Congress passed the "Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act" (CALEA) in the early 1990s to ensure that law enforcement agencies are able to access networks appropriately for wiretaps. This has not been without controversy; see, for instance this site.

Now comes a new technique, called by some "digital door to door". This could be framed as a kind of location service, I suppose. Though I haven't read any reactions yet, I wouldn't be surprised if some industry observers will comment on the loss of privacy.

Do you think that this is an appropriate use of information collected for another purpose? The EU has published privacy rules, which might be at odds with this activity ...

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Martin Weiss said...

Here is an article about related issues in the US ... this is still a somewhat murky legal area.