04 November 2005

Control of access networks

This article (free registration required) relates to several earlier posts on this blog. First, it explains why an incumbent might want to control the access network. Second, it explains why Google might be motivated to build independent access networks.

May you live in interesting times ....

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KuangChiu Huang said...

After reading the article, my understanding of incumbent carriers’ position in control access is “ILECs are planning and willing to apply their monopolistic/duopolistic power to block against rivals’ services”. I could not figure out any reason that ILECs need to block services, which are unrelated to their business, but ILECs have every reason to block all business conflicting applications (VoIP and later on video service) by their network advantages. Without “network neutrality”, I may foresee more and more arguments between BISPs and content providers in access control.