17 November 2005

Google (off-topic)

This article and its associated comments are interesting. And then, there is Cringley's long article ...

Google seems to be getting into everything these days ... are their motivations altruistic? Should we be worried? If so, what should we worry about?

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Phil Cox said...

The title of the article is certainly foreboding: "one ring to rule them all", from "Lord of the Rings", a reference to the eptiomie of evil. Although I doubt the founders of Google have evil intent, it seems their quest is for total control of information on the internet. I find it hard to view their motives as entirely altruistic since they are a corporation in business for profit.

Besides the inherent dangers of an unregulated monopoly, the the most disturbing aspect of Google's all encompassing endeavors, is the issue of privacy. Despite their assurances, all the data they are collecting about us could be used for whatever purposes they see fit. I think that is what I find most disturbing.