30 November 2005

Israeli ISPs may not carry int’l calls over VoIP

Take a look at this story. Is it technically feasible for ISPs to enforce this? Do you agree with the reasons for this action that were given by Mr. Balashnikov? Do you think it is right to effectively protect incumbents ("licensed international carriers")?

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Thaier said...

The Internet is an open service and it should stay so. I think the people there should complain about their ISP because they should receive an open service for all application including VoIP. Licensed international carriers should compete with VoIP and try to offer reasonable prices and people who are looking for a better QoS will be their costumers. There are ways to violate these ISP restrictions using non-QoS internet protocols but, the quality will be less.

Martin Weiss said...

Here is some more information on this case ...

"Of course it's not illegal to skype from your pc. What is illegal is for you to set up a telephone company without a license that uses VOIP to sell customers international phone calls. Read more here:
FYI the leading ISP/International long distance providers in Israel have annual revenues of $50M. That's no mom and pop operation, not even in the USA. "