01 July 2008

Payphones again

In reading the EU Household Usage report I blogged about earlier, I came across their study of payphone usage in the EU. So, to follow up on this item, consider what the EU found. The percentage of people reporting that the "sometimes" use payphones ranges from a high of 34% (Austria) to a low of 3% (Cyprus) with an EU mean of 22%. 44% of payphone users report doing so because their mobile phone is out of range or its battery has run out, while 19% report not having a mobile phone and needing to place a call while travelling and 16% report not using their mobile phone due to high international tariffs.

Very interesting. I will have to search out similar data in the US. Anecdotal evidence is that payphones are disappearing in the US, which would make it difficult to use them! Do you have any data about payphone use elsewhere in the world?

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