24 July 2007

Mobile television

This item on Om Malik's blog is interesting, especially in light of the recent EU decision. We appear to be heading into a fragmented technology marketplace, with two competing technologies in South Korea, one in Europe, and another which appears to be a winner in the US (see this).

Update (2007-7-26): You might also enjoy this article in BusinessWeek, which discusses this topic in a bit more detail.

Does it matter that there may be several global standards? If so, why do you think so?

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seungjae said...

Ericsson and Qualcom are two giant providers to control over the wireless world. Korea wanted to make its own standard a global standard but those two are too big hurdles to overcome, ... The remaining big market is China but China wants to make its own stadard for the 2008 Beijing Olympic, ... Can Korean DMBs survive outside of Korea?