19 July 2007

EU Endorses Cell-Phone TV Standard

I guess this has been Europe week ... I found this item interesting:
The European Commission on Wednesday endorsed a Nokia-backed mobile TV standard called DVB-H, saying Europe needed to pick one technology over others and promising to look at ways to mandate its use.

Europe's choice of DVB-H, or Digital Video Broadcasting for Handhelds, was expected. The move will likely prevent rival standards, such as U.S.-based Qualcomm Inc.'s MediaFLO and others developed by Chinese and South Korean manufacturers, from gaining ground in the world's richest market.

South Korea currently has two rival systems for mobile video and is most likely further along than most on this, both in terms of business models, consumer adoption and deployment.

Do you think it is necessary to have a single standard as opposed to allowing for competing standards? What factors other than licensing fees do you think may have played a role in this outcome?

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