22 September 2005

Forbes article on Broadband penetration

Lisa DiCarlo, writing in Forbes Magazine, reports that broadband uptake in the US is on the decline. This is based on a paper at the Telecommunications Policy Research Conference, which will be taking place this weekend in Washington. TPRC is one of the premier conferences in the field. The papers are on-line ... I encourage you to take a look!

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KuangChiu Huang said...

There is the other paper (in TPRC 2005), which explans why the broadband adoption rate is so high in South Korea. (24 broadband subscribers per 100 inhabitants in S.K. comparing with 13 in the U.S.) It could be an example to compare the broadband development between the US and S. Korea.
The URL of the paper is http://web.si.umich.edu/tprc/papers/2005/481/tprc_shjoo.pdf