31 December 2007

Miscellaneous topics ...

I had a few items that I wanted to blog about over the past couple of weeks. So, in an effort to clear out my backlog, let me summarize them here.

  • The US GAO published this report, which is fairly critical of the US FCC and other agencies with regard to the upcoming conversion to digital television. The "switch off" is just over one year away, and consumer education has been basically non-existent.

    Update (2008-01-03): The FCC published their Third Periodic Review of the digital TV transition. No mention of the GAO report that I could find ...

  • On a similar note, the UK regulator Ofcom issued this report that examines alternatives for using the "digital dividend", which arises from the sale of the spectrum formerly used by analog television.

  • Changing gears a bit ... this article in BusinessWeek gives hope to the fans of Municipal Wireless. The Spanish WiFi operator FON seems poised to enter the void that Earthlink is leaving after it reevaluated its participation in this market. They have a different business model. Will they find more success?

  • There are a couple of interesting items on the international front.

    • Take a look at this (from Swivel, one of my favorite sites), which shows the dominance of prepaid wireless in China's market.

    • Gordon Cook unearthed a fascinating, detailed report on providing wireless to Nepal. See Gordon's post here. I have been unable to locate it on the World Bank's website.

    • In this article, the possibility of a "natural limit" to Kenya's mobile market is raised. I am always suspicious of these kinds of projections, because they normally assume that the future will be driven by forces similar to those driving the markets today. History has shown us the disruptive power of wireless technology, after all ...

  • Speaking of natural limits, I have been interested in the pending conversion to IPv6, which has been prophesized for several years already but which has not yet happened. This article over at CircleID provides more grist for this mill. Is it different this time, or should we expect more of the same?

Happy New Year, dear readers!

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