13 November 2007

EU announces new (proposed) telecom regulation framework

In case you missed it, you might find this of interest. If you follow the links, you can get to the (draft) legislative documents. Note that these documents do not represent final policy, though it seems likely that the final policy will be close to what is published today.

  • As expected, functional separation is one of the options available to regulators. Do you think that this will be widely used?
  • The framework proposes a "European Telecom Market Authority". How do you think this will play out, especially with regard to NRAs?
  • What about the spectrum reform proposals? Will they help?

Anyway ... enjoy your reading!

Update (2007-11-14): Here is Forbes' take on this announcement and here is CNET's. Interestingly, few of the major news outlets reported on this.

Update (2007-11-15): This item reports that French and German regulators question the need for the Telecom Market Authority. Will this reform proposal face a long road to adoption?

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