28 August 2007

CRS report on spectrum auctions

If you are interested in this subject, you might enjoy reading this report from the Congressional Research Service, courtesy of the OpenCRS project of the Center for Democracy and Technology. Quoting the summary:

The FCC has issued the rules it will set for the upcoming auction of the old TV channels. Issues that have been raised in the discussion over how best to allocate this spectrum include the creation of national licenses with open access for wireless devices, the treatment of designated entities — with references to NextWave, blind bidding, how much spectrum is needed for public safety communications, and proposals to provide spectrum for shared use between public safety and the private sector. In particular, proposals put forth by Cyren Call, Frontline, and Google, Inc. have sparked an ongoing public debate about the “highest and best use” for the spectrum currently designated for auction by the Deficit Reduction Act.

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