08 December 2006

UWB in Europe

I came across this item today that was interesting. Quoting the article:
Ultrawideband is to be legalised across Europe within the next six months, following its approval by a key European Commission group.

The short-range, high-bandwidth technology - which promises speeds of up to 1Gbps - has until now been illegal outside the US. Its status has now been reversed at a meeting on the 4th and 5th December of the Radio Spectrum Committee (RSC), a European Commission body which can mandate spectrum usage across the continent.

Ofcom's chief technologist, Professor William Webb, said on Friday that the UK regulator was "delighted" at the approval of ultrawideband (UWB). He pointed out that if the RSC approves a document "it automatically becomes EC law" and said the decision to mandate acceptance of UWB across all European states within the next six months was taken at an RSC meeting earlier this week.

Note that the chairman's report has yet to be posted on the RSC website. The cited article basically implies that this document has been accepted by RSC (perhaps with modifications). Note that pages 9-13 contain a draft Decision for the EC.

How does this compare to efforts at the FCC to allow UWB? How about elsewhere in the world?

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