04 December 2006

ITU: Policy and Regulatory Challenges of NGNs

I came across this ITU site that you might find interesting. It looks to be, in part, a collection of work on this subject. This could be a good resource, especially if NGNs come into being someday.

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Anonymous said...

The website provides a diversity of NGN environment, including strategy and policy unit, bunch of ITU-T updated news, and workshop events.

I came across the ITU-T news, the new mobility standard for NGN called "fixed to mobile convergence". This idea is pretty challenging to integrate wireless and fixed-line phone network together providing alternative for customers to select networks for making a call.

It is that fact that on these days, the number of fixed line subscribers has been shrinking, while mobile phone subscribers are dramatically increasing. Is this technology another stimulant for mobile phone usage? without having fixed line phone anymore? How fixed operator should do to protect themselves from the mobile operators threats?