03 August 2006

Secondary use and Sprint-Nextel

As many of you know, secondary spectrum use is a current research theme that I am pursuing. So, this article is of significant interest. Sprint/Nextel has been aggressively pursuing Type 1 secondary use ... often known as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) strategy. This article suggests that they are less successful in this than they might be. Is this because the strategy is flawed, or because their partners are weak, or because secondary use is less attractive as a result of the upcoming spectrum auctions? We'll know the answer to the latter if the MVNO partners become spectrum owners ...

Update: On a side note, this article raises questions about how potential network neut* rules would apply to MVNOs. Do you think they should? Should any network neut* rules be applied only to the Internet? If so, aren't we setting up technlogically-based regulation that convergence is fated to make obsolete?

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