04 January 2006

Too Much Throughput?

Happy New Year! I would like to start the year by drawing your attention to this article in David Isenberg's blog ... if you recall, Isenberg has an interest in network neutrality ... see this and this ... on this thread, you might also want to see this from Mark Evans' blog.

Do you expect demand for backplane speed networks to evolve? What applications might be compelling for networks of this speed? Does this reasoning apply to mobile networks as well? How would you balance network neutrality objectives and the finanical interests of carriers who would be providing this service? Do you think municipal networks are an answer? If so, why?

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KuangChiu Huang said...

It depends on how to define network neutrality, which could be challenged by either financial interest or political position. Financial interest could affect the action of private broadband ISP and political position might influence the involvement in municipal broadband. (e.g., If China’s Internet could be treated as super size municipal broadband)

Whether network neutrality could be preserve without legal support? It might be difficult to achieve, even Google becomes an ISP, it is conceivable that Google could discriminate rival’s traffic to acquire a competitive advantage.