05 January 2006

Next Generation DVD standards

I have blogged about this earlier (see this). In this article in today's NY Times (free subscription required), Toshiba is announcing a HD-DVD player for <$500 in March, whilst the competing Blu Ray players will come out "this year" priced at $1000 - $1800. Blu Ray is also supposed to be included on the Sony Playstation 3 due later this year.

Do you expect a "winner" in this technology battle? If so, does your guess about which standard will win change based on this pricing and availability information? Why?

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Martin Weiss said...

Here is a story on ZDnet that complements this, though more from a technical perspective than from an industrial rivalry one.

Prashant said...

It will also be interesting to see if either survives this battle if fiber to the home, online videao like those from iTunes, or on-demand services offered by cable companies get to the point where high definition DVD sales are severely affected.

demko said...

I think this depends on how many people own HDTV's. If the market penetration of these units is low, then so will be the demand of HDDVD or Blue ray movies. However if it is high, then services such as Itunes can't compare due to their low quality. However, I think that fiber to the home could really end up affecting this if the price is right.