15 December 2005

Mobile phone standards

This topic has come up before on this blog (see this and this). Now Siemens is predicting the demise of CDMA-based standards in favor of GSM. Would US carriers (Verizon and Sprint/Nextel) swap out their 2G infrastructure? What about 3G (in which they have a significant market lead)? I doubt it ...

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1 comment:

demko said...

Well I'm always cautious not to say something's never going to happen, but I can't see verizon or sprint doing a total network infrastructure swap out anytime soon. I think the cost to swap the infrastructure as well as all the customers phones would just be too great and the associated distributions to the customers could cause these companies to lose their market share. I'm also a little suspicious about the main source of this article. Could this company possibly have anything to gain by giving the perception that GSM is better than CDMA and than GSM will be taking its market share?