07 December 2005

Microsoft vs. Korea

Earlier, I had blogged about the dispute between Microsoft and South Korea. In that post, I noted that Microsoft was threatening to withdraw. In today's news, it is reported that the South Korean Fair Trade Commission found Microsoft's practices an "abuse of market dominant position and unfair trade practices." A fine of (only) $32 million was levied against Microsoft, along with an order to change its practices by offering two versions of Windows.

So, will Microsoft make good on its threat to withdraw from S. Korea in response? Personally, I doubt it ... the risks are high in a technology-savvy country like Korea.

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Seungjae Shin said...

MS's revenue in the Korean market is less 1% of total MS's revenue. And people in Korea have been used to Window's OS System for a long time.

In the case of Office product, there is a strong competitor, "HancomOffice" against MS Office product.

Could Linux be an alternative to MS Window's System?