05 October 2009

The future of WiMAX

I find it worthwhile looking in the financial literature when it comes to new technologies since it is often a more worthwhile predictor of where things are going than the technology press. Thus, I found this item interesting. The article states:
The much-hyped next-generation (4G) technology of WiMAX is quickly losing ground to the alternative technology of Long-Term Evolution (LTE). Large telecom infrastructure equipment makers are gradually shifting from WiMAX to LTE, and as a result the WiMAX field is getting less crowded day by day.
Later, the article notes that there is a role for fixed WiMAX even as the fortunes for mobile WiMAX seem to be fading. If this is true, it seems as though perhaps Sprint erred in choosing mobile WiMAX as its 4G technology to gain first mover advantage!

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