16 November 2006

Ofcom report on new technologies

The Office of Communications (Ofcom) is the telecommunications regulator in the UK. They issued this report recently on technology research recently. In this report, they highlight the impact of wireless technologies such as dynamic spectrum access and mesh networks. They are also expecting continued impacts from telecom liberalization.

Do you think that this list would be similar for most industrialized countries? What about for developing countries?

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1 comment:

Pat said...

I think that the trend would be similar for other industrialized countries as well as developing countries particularly in the cities.

However, as I learnt that the Command and Control regime is commonly used in most developing countries, this should be insufficient in a liberalized environment [also stated in the context] when the time comes to spectrum liberalization.

What I found interesting in this article is Mesh Network in a way that it may effect existing cellular system as well as may improve access to existing old legacy networks e.g. ordinary telephone network. If we think about Community Network, what if unlicensed spectrum is not being used only inside the houses but rather expanding to neighbors within a community.