20 October 2006

Nortel and Internet capacity

You might find this item of interest. Nortel, an equipment manufacturer, stands to benefit from the demand for capacity they are forecasting in this article, so it is possible that they are overstating the case somewhat.

But what if they are generally right? Does this affect your view on "net neut*"? Why or why not?

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Pat said...

They might be too optimistic on this growing trend. They could also be right to believe that the bandwidth demand is growing exponentially. But, wait, it cannot grow infinitely and it must stop at some point.

With an advent of advanced technology in telecommunications equipments, we might find it hard to set the fine line between discriminatory use of services QoS and acceptable implementation of the equipments. In the past, the equipments were designed to support data routing and thus unintentionally biased against voice, video, and all kinds of time-sensitive multimedia applications. It may no longer be the case in the near future.

Does the Net Neut* still hold if one kind of traffic is engineerly discriminated against the others? Well, though it may not follow the “end-to-end” argument, does this favor one application over the others? The answer is obviously “yes”. I am still thinking that it should be acceptable provided that an application from different providers is being treated in the same way and consumers have a choice of selecting one or another based on their fittest rather than providers’ choice.