26 April 2006

A tax for muni Wi-Fi?

This story posted on ZDnet is interesting ...

Do you think this is a good idea? If so, should this subsidy be targetted to a particular technology (eg. WiFi)? What consequences do you think this would have for both municipal network adoption and for private broadband networks? Do you think that a national government should be making policy in what is a local phenomenon?

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KuangChiu Huang said...

After reading the article, I think it could cause some disputes of the proposal.

1. How to define "capable of supporting two-way voice communications"? Is it the right time to expand universal service fund? Or the definition of universal service should cover basic Internet access? (Two ways with 64kbps transmission speed)

2. I think to speed-up "white space" utilization is the goal for the FCC but how to pursue this goal with suitable regulation and fairness is not easy. The schedule with 180 days might be too short to have a deliberative regulations.

3. The transition of municipal broadband might be changing ownership and involvement of public broadband. Maybe it is not so urgent or necessary to reshape current state statutes.

4. Personally, I prefer to remove these hurdles for entering video service markets. New entrants can enter the video services market by signing contracts with state governments. My rationale is if cable operable can enter data and voice market without these hassles, why telephone companies have to experience these difficulties.