19 October 2005

WSIS -- a US Senator weighs in

This story is interesting from a number of standpoints. First, gaining this kind of support certainly bolsters the position of the US delegation to WSIS. I have not been able to find the text of the statement, though I presume that much of the content is in Senator Coleman's press release.

Second, this article provides a concrete example of why some countries feel the need to equalize governance. Notice that the question of the scope of governance is not mentioned in the article, though the Senator's press release begins to address this. It would be a difficult to topic to introduce into the public sphere, but it seems as though doing so is important at this point in the history of the Internet.

Internet Governance (in the broad sense) comes up in many different places, see for example this item. Should a case like this be resolved by an "Internet Governance" body? Would the ITU be an effective venue for this? Should this be a local matter, or should there be a single venue for this kind of dispute resolution?

Also, I came across this blog aggregator in case you want to follow this more closely.

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Anonymous said...

S.Res.273, introduced on Monday, and referred to committee.

Martin Weiss said...

Here is an opinion piece on WSIS in yesterday's International Herald Tribune. The author suggests that there is a cost to governance -- and that is a commitment to preserving freedom.